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Career & Technology Planning

Deciding on what career you want to pursue is the first thing that you need to do to start your 6-year plan for Middle School, High School and beyond.   Why so early?  Because many of the classes you take in Middle School and High School can help you reach your career goals, and taking the right classes will put you on a path to success.  Having a plan on which courses to take and how to get there is important.  

How do you as a student decide which career is right for you?  Career exploration is the first step and there are many ways to do this.  Taking classes in career exploration offered at your school, as well as talking to adults and teachers about what you like and what you think might be a good fit are great places to start.  Another great resource we recommend is the Ohio Means Jobs website.  Click on Owen the Cardinal on the home page of this Map Your Future Website to get started, and log in and start a backpack account.  Then, you can fill out a Career Survey and Career Cluster Inventory.  This resource is a great way to start on your way to finding a career that fits your interests and needs.  We also offer links to the South Central Ohio Job Website and Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center, and will be adding links and resources throughout the year.  

Map Your Future also offers a Career Fair once a year where you can come and talk to adults in various careers to see if any of the careers may be a good fit for you.  Map Your Future offers field trips to Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center for 7th graders so you can start early looking at what career and technical training are available here in Ross County and if it is right for you .  We also offer field trips to Adena Health System for those students who are interested in the health careers and those careers needed to support the health careers.  In the summer, Map Your Future hosts a manufacturing camp for 4 days for those students who like to work with their hands and want to see what the world of manufacturing can offer.   Most importantly, Map Your Future can link you in with adults that can talk to you about a specific career field.  Think you want to be a Veterinarian but don't know anyone who is a Veterinarian to talk to?  Email or call Map Your Future and ask to be introduced to an area Veterinarian that will talk to you and perhaps offer a job-shadowing experience.  Not sure if you want to be an automotive technician or a welder?  Email or call Map Your Future and let us link you in with career mentors in those fields to talk to you and explain what they do so you can decide.  The opportunities we can provide are endless.

Map Your Future Opportunities